Dimmdrive is a RAMdrive/RAMdisk built specifically for gamers.  We utilize the brilliant speed of DDR RAM to create virtualized hard drives specifically for gamers.  Unleash your full PC specs and achieve speeds in excess of 5,000 – 10,000 MB/s and above!

    Dimmdrive directly integrates into Steam, supports any game or program, and is continually developed/updated.  Further, data integrity between your hard drive and the Dimmdrive drive is not lost when you power down your PC!



Dimmdrive 2.0 has just been released!

The website is undergoing updates to reflect the brand new launch of Dimmdrive 2.0 which is now available immediately.

The new Dimmdrive 2.0 features a smoother GUI, favorite/sorting ability, smoother direct integration with Steam, and more!

The current, Dimmdrive 2.0, is seen here on the right –>



Here is a quick video showing Dimmdrive 2.0′s new features, including full Steam integration.  Curious how it works?  Watch the video!

Dimmdrive detects all your Steam games AUTOMAGICALLY!

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Gaming load screens.  Zoning into different map areas.  Massive explosions on the screen.  You lag.  You die.  Your hard drive transfer speed is one of the major bottlenecks for high end PC gaming.  The faster your drive can transfer data to your CPU and GPU, the faster your game play is, and the less chance you have of slow loads, lags, and frustrating deaths.

Most medium/high end gaming PCs have a lot of RAM.  After all, RAM is relatively cheap, and RAM is fast.  Imagine how fast your gaming would be if you could play games from a hard drive made entirely out of RAM?  Well now you can!

i7 with medium speed ram

Dimmdrive is a RAM-based drive built by gamers, specifically for gamers.

By using this software, you will be able to turn your PC’s RAM into an incredibly fast hard drive.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Dimmdrive ensures that powering down your PC won’t result in files being lost, integrates directly into Steam, and has special USB3 “Turbo Mode” functionality to speed up Dimmdrive’s game loading considerably.

Scroll down to learn more about the wide array of features built for gamers into Dimmdrive.

Dimmdrive Gaming Ramdrive 8,000MB/s - 10,000MB/s and more!

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How Much Ram Is Needed For Ramdisk

What Games Can Ramdrive

Use a 25GB size game with just a 4GB size Dimmdrive using the “LESS RAM?” configuration tool to select your game content game files and skip other unnecessary files.



Ramdisk FPS games

World of Warcraft:   Zoning into maps are instant.   UI Reloads are instant.  Raid encounter “splash” graphics won’t lag you.

League of Legends:  You’ll never lag again when 5 guys all blow their Ultimate’s at once!

ARMA III:  No more FPS plummets when moving along the terrain really fast.

Call of Duty / Battlefield:  Yes we’ve combined these two.  Both games will no longer lag when explosions/activity suddenly splurge at once.

Firefox / Chrome:  Websites load instantly.  It almost is like browsing a whole new internet!


How much ram for ramdisk ramdrives


Are you curious just how Dimmdrive works? Check out our Videos or Forums to learn more about us. Ready to PWN and have multi-gigabyte per second HD speed.

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gaming ramdisk file syncramdrive file sync

ramdisk steam gamingramdrive steam games

ramdrive gamesramdrive games

Your files are automatically synchronized when using Dimmdrive.  Whether it is a game save, a photoshop document, or an in-game update, Dimmdrive automatically ensures your system HD’s match Dimmdrive’s contents in real-time.  This maintains data even when you power off or reboot your PC!

Now you can RAMdisk your Steam games automatically!  Dimmdrive integrates directly into Steam.  With just a couple mouse clicks, you can set up your Steam game and load levels and frag people @ up to 10,000 MB/s and above!

Regardless of what game you play, Steam or not, including any application, you can use Dimmdrive.  You can even use Dimmdrive with any application on your PC including web browsers, file folders, and more!

New Ramdrive SoftwareNew Ramdisk Software

Ram drive USB3Download Ramdrive

Easy RamdrivePhotoshop Ramdrive

Dimmdrive is continually developed.  We are currently releasing new builds several times a month, often every few days.  We have a long list of advanced features that will be added to Dimmdrive as well as constantly listening to what the community wants!

Dimmdrive features cutting edge USB3.0 technology we call Turbo Mode.  This enables you to utilize fast USB3 memory sticks to accelerate game loads into Dimmdrive.  See our Videos for more information!

Dimmdrive was engineered to allow anybody to easily set up a RAMdisk.  In fact, you can install your RAMdrive in as little as 3 seconds!  Just set the drive size, drive letter, and click the ON switch!

How Dimmdrive Works