What is Dimmdrive?

Dimmdrive is the first RAM drive built exclusively for gaming

A RAM drive (also called a RAM disk) is a block of RAM (primary storage or volatile memory) that a computer's software is treating as if the memory were a disk drive (secondary storage). It is sometimes referred to as a "virtual RAM drive".

Setup instructions

If you purchased from Dimmdrive.com If you purchased via Steam
1.- Download Dimmdrive here and install it.

1.- Just click here.

(You can also right click Dimmdrive and select Install app on Steam)

2.- Run Dimmdrive and log in with your username and password (the same as you use to access our forums)

2.- Double click Dimmdrive on Steam.

(Or click here to run it)

3.- Configure your Dimmdrive to the size you want to use. Remember to leave unallocated about 2GB for yor OS, and another 4-8GB for your games to run (depending on their requirements)

Just write the size in the Drive Size input box, under the settings tab on Dimmdrive.

4.- Drag any games or applications you want to use to the apps area to configure it. You can simply drag a shortcut from your desktop and Dimmdrive takes care of the rest. 4.- You probably noticed that Dimmdrive has autoloaded your Steam Games, you just have to click the switch to their right to enable them. If the game is not listed you can add it by dragging their executable or shortcut to the apps area.
5.- Click the switch at the top of the window to enable Dimmdrive.
6.- Click the rocket icon to launch the game/app!


  • What are the requirements to run Dimmdrive?
  • A 64bit PC running Windows 7 or above, with any CPU, with at least more RAM than your OS+programs use. Dimmdrive can use any amount of RAM, from 256MB to 256GB.

  • Is Dimmdrive a one-time fee, or is there any yearly/monthly subscriptions?
  • Dimmdrive is a single purchase. No renewals, new hidden fees, no nothing. Buy it once and enjoy all the benefits of the continual updates we are releasing.

  • Do you support Windows XP or Apple Products?
  • Heck no! Dimmdrive was built blazingly efficient, and as such, we only support up to date 64bit Windows 7 and Windows 8!

  • How fast exactly does Dimmdrive's RAM drive operate at?
  • This varies based on your system. We've tested on 4 systems with $1k systems benching more than 7000MB/s, to $4k+ systems reaching 11,000MB/s. Further, we've had reports from users able to hit 14000MB/s! My personal gaming rig sits right around 8500MB/s to 9000MB/s. I highly encourage you check our Forums to see what customers are benching at!

  • Can I use Dimmdrive if I don't use Steam?
  • Of course! You can either click/drag programs into the “APPS” area of Dimmdrive, or drag a folder there, or simply bypass Dimmdrive's built-in system and launch an empty RAMdrive by simply selected the size and clicking ON!

  • How much RAM do I need for Dimmdrive?
  • The more RAM you have, the better. It really boils down to what you are using it for. Also, Dimmdrive has a feature we call “Less RAM?” which enables you to selectively pick which files in a game you want to go blazing fast. This feature alone can take a 10GB game and slim it down to 4GB-ish by removing video/intro files, sound files, and other non-essential files that do not need to go blazing fast.

    If you are doing light gaming, we recommend having 6GB+ RAM. If you are doing heavy gaming, we recommend 8-16GB. If you are using Dimmdrive for things like Audio/Visual scratch disk, you typically will want 2GB or more for that. As with everything PC related, the more RAM, the better!

Do you have more questions? Please visit our Forums!

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