Steam Integration

This video shows off the easy Steam Integration that is built into Dimmdrive.

Dimmdrive will auto-detect all of your Steam installed games.  From there, you can click a button and Dimmdrive will automatically configure itself to work with whatever game you select automatically.  Discuss This Video Here.

Downloading and Installing

This video covers downloading and installing Dimmdrive for the very first time.   Discuss This Video Here.

Basic Dimmdrive Setup

This shows the Basic Dimmdrive setup, essentially everything you need to know to get up and running in a few moments after installing Dimmdrive.   Discuss This Video Here.

Dimmdrive Gaming Ramdrive File Synchronization

This demonstration video shows how (gaming ramdrive) maintains file integrity between your Dimmdrive RAM drive, and your normal hard drive.     Discuss This Video Here.

USB3 Turbo Mode

This video reviews the USB3 Turbo Mode feature of the gaming RAMdrive software.

The USB3 Turbo Mode enables you to load games into Dimmdrive massively faster than traditional mechanical hard drives.  This can nearly eliminate boot-lag when starting Dimmdrive upon PC bootup.  This feature is amazing!  Discuss This Video Here.

Drag and Drop “Other Programs” Area

This video shows how to set up Dimmdrive simply by using the Drag/Drop functionality. It couldn’t be easier, simply drag and drop!

The Drag and Drop functionality allows you to quickly set up whatever program or game you’d like into Dimmdrive by just dragging a shortcut directly into Dimmdrive’s “Other Programs” area.  Discuss This Video Here.

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Benchmarking the Dimmdrive RAMdisk vs HD vs SSD

This is a quick video of benchmarking Dimmdrive against a normal, mechanical hard drive, and an SSD.  Even while doing 20,000KB/s video recording, I was able to get closing in on 7,000MB/s speeds.  Normal speeds for my system with mediocre RAM speeds is 8,000-9,500 MB/s.    Discuss This Video Here.

Benchmark: World of Warcraft side-by-side Comparison

This video shows two copies of World of Warcraft ran side-by-side.  The left copy is ran on a traditional Seagate 4TB mechanical hard drive, with the right side using Dimmdrive.  As you can see, the Dimmdrive copy loads faster and gameplay is smoother.     Discuss This Video Here.

Benchmark: 5x copies of World of Warcraft

Here is a benchmark of Gaming RAMdrive running with 5x copies of World of Warcraft.   Discuss This Video Here.