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Dimmdrive is a RAM-based hard drive software built by gamers, specifically for gamers. With Dimmdrive, you will be able to turn your PC’s RAM into an incredibly fast hard drive. This incredibly fast hard drive can be hundreds if not thousands of times faster than a conventional hard drive.

Some Screenshots Of Dimmdrive

These are our favorite games that you can improve with Dimmdrive

The best RAM disk software for gaming

To this day, Dimmdrive is the only RAM disk software built specifically for gaming. Integrated with Steam, the biggest PC gaming community plaform, Dimmdrive includes custom configurations and syncs your savegames to your hard drive and Steam Cloud as well.

While other programs restrict the complete use of the RAM to their own brand modules, Dimmdrive can allocate the maximum quantity recognized for your OS, up to 256GB in Windows 8 Enterprise and Professional. And if that is not enough for you, you can always boost your computer using USB flash drives!

Dimmdrive AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk ASUS ROG RAMDisk
Maximum allocated memory 256GB 64GB 64GB
Steam integration
Save game synchronization
Game configurations (3 click setup)
Max. performance on every manufacturer
Data protection from unexpected shutdowns
Allows USB flash drives
Drag and drop support for any game or program

Set it up in 3 easy steps

Select the game

Enable Dimmdrive

Launch the game

How does it work?

Normal gameflow

Everytime the game needs new assets (moving to a new level, showing that was out of the view distance, etc.) it loads it slowly from the HDD into the RAM, then uses the data and discards it when it is no longer needed.

Savegames are also stored directly to the HDD, generating more wait times.

Dimmdrive gameflow

Dimmdrive creates a virtual drive using the RAM memory and preloads all the assets into it. That way, when the game need some, they are quickly loaded from the RAM drive, reducing or even eliminating load times. The data is never discarded, allowing the game to reuse it instead of loading it again.

Savegames are instantly stored in the RAM drive, which then sychronices them to the HHD without afecting your gameplay, and protecting them from data loss in case of an unexpected shutdown.

How fast is Dimmdrive?

What do our users think of us?

If you have the 'extra' physical RAM, this can make a significant performance improvement.

I have used Dimmdrive for Total War Rome II for the last 6 months and it makes the game run more fluently on extreme settings, even when I record with Fraps.

Should I get Dimmdrive? For users who have a lot of RAM, who play lots of BIG steam games, then yes, Dimmdrive is great. Alternatively you can try one of the many free versions, but none of them are easy to use nor backup your games as you play.

Great program, ultra fast speeds and now works with not showing up as playing Dimmdrive in steam after a few minutes. Thank you for fixing this I am now going to use Dimmdrive for every game. Well worth the money now.

This shortens load times and sometimes improves framerate on games with asset streaming. You'd better have the ram though, nothing short of 16GB will do you any favors with this.

This program speeds up your game when loading data from disk. It works on games and any other program. SSD speeds are not fast enough, even if we tend to think of ssd as fast, they're still a bottleneck in your computer.

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