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About us

Tim Sullivan, Founder + CEO

From a professional standpoint, Tim has a background in information security, network engineering, data forensics, network penetration and protection, and numerous development languages, in addition to a successful history of management and team building. He has worked for large Fortune 100 companies prior to working on his own projects.

Ever since the ColecoVision was released years ago, Tim has been an avid gamer and advocate for the advancement of gaming tools and communities to help fellow gamers better enjoy their gameplay. He loves to create website communities as well as tools, and strives to improve gaming enjoyment as a whole through various contributions he has had over the years.

His first contribution to the gaming community was in 1998 where Tim created one of the first guild hosting systems in the world to support Ultima Online, Asheron’s Call, and Everquest. Since then he has built multiple Guild Hosting systems, was the original CEO of, was the original CEO, and has recently launched Dimmdrive.

Tim (Dimmdrive forums)

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